Custom 4x4 Services

4x4 Maintenance

MPA Motorsports & Offroad technicians are professionally trained as automotive mechanics and specialists. We can provide all the maintenance needs that you may require, from oil changes, tires rotations, tune-ups and differential fluid changes, and numerous other maintenance requirements designed for your offroad vehicle. Did you just purchase a used truck or Jeep and are not sure what has been done to it? Give MPA a shout we offer a comprehensive 119-point inspection. We have the recommended maintenance services to get your vehicle on the road safely and ready to take on any adventure you throw at it.

4x4 Wheel & Tires

MPA Motorsports & Offroad is proud to supply over one thousand wheel options and numerous brands for Tires for your lifted Jeep, Truck, 4×4, or even UTV/SXS vehicle. We work closely with brands such as Fuel, KMC offroad, Moto Metal, Black Rhino, XD, American Forces, MSA Offroad wheels, & More. With thousands of different wheel options available, customers can ensure that finding the correct wheel and styling is easy when working with MPA. From start to finish we can provide all of the necessary advice, installation, and expert servicing for any variety of wheels and tires. With MPA Motorsports & Offroad we can help you find the best wheel and tire combination to give you the aesthetics, performance, or offroad capabilities that you need to conquer the 4×4 world.

4x4 General Repair

Do you have annoying dash lights? Do you feel like your suspension or steering is becoming loose and no longer has that stiff ride you enjoyed? We have the capability and experience in-house to perform most general automotive repairs. We utilize the latest diagnostic software to read codes and find malfunctions throughout the whole electronic system in newer vehicles. We house many different tools and special tools to fix the majority of Jeeps, SUVs, Trucks, or even SXS and 4x4s.

4x4 Suspensions

Are you ready to take on the Michigan Offroad environment? MPA Motorsports & Offroad is home to numerous brands for full 4×4 suspension capabilities. We are very familiar with the offroad environments from years of experience and to our staff owning their own 4×4 rig. Full Suspension Lifts, Leveling Kits, and 4×4 suspension work is our specialty at our shop here in Michigan. Not only do we install the lift kits, but we also have numerous procedures to diagnose your issues with your current suspension. MPA is ready to help you reach new levels!


A Proper alignment is crucial to maintain accurate vehicle control and handling. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to ensure that vehicles are aligned to OE spec or our own specification depending on custom applications on the vehicle. We utilize the newest technology and software from Hunter Engineering to ensure that the correct Camber, Caster, & Toe are properly in spec and achieved. Whether your vehicle is lifted, stock ride height, or even lowered we can perform a perfect alignment.