MPA Motorsports & Offroad:

 A Hydro-Blue High-Tide Wrangler Transformation

Written by Austin Atwood

2023 Hydro Blue Wrangler

The offroad terrain has a new King in town, and it has its roots deep in the heart of Michigan. If you're a Jeep enthusiast, or if the word "offroad" even remotely tickles your ears, then our latest project at MPA Motorsports & Offroad will surely have you on the edge of your seat. We've taken the already-impressive 2023 Hydro-Blue High-tide Wrangler and transformed it into a beast that not only rules the rugged terrains of Michigan but stands as a testament to cutting-edge offroad modification.

Suspension Modifications

Our team at MPA Motorsports & Offroad have graced this Jeep with a Terrain Flex 4" Inch Lift Kit paired with a 4-arm Kit coupled with the impeccable Falcon 2.1 Shocks. Further ensuring precision in its journey across the rugged paths is the Falcon Nexus EF 2.1 Steering Stabilizer.

 Wheel/Tire Modifications

The Toyo Open Country R/T, sized at a massive 37x13.5R22, provides unparalleled grip and stability, while the Fuel Rebar 22x12 -44 wheels assure robust support and style.

Cosmetic Overhaul

In collaboration with leading names like FabFours and DV8, we've made sure this Jeep is not only efficient but also a head-turner. Whether it's the FabFours Front and Rear Bumpers or the DV8 Front Inner Fenders, every element ensures enhanced performance while radiating an imposing aura.

Don't miss the touch of luxury with the Rough Country Drop Powered Steps and the superior protection of the Guardian Fastback Solid 1-piece hardtop.

Exterior Lighting

Lighting is vital, especially when you're tackling uncharted terrains. Oracle vector grill and KC 50" Light Bar bracket are paired with premium light offerings like the Zroadz 50" Led Light bar and Diodes Ditch Light Sport S3 Combo. Whether it's a night expedition or a foggy morning, this Wrangler ensures you have the best visibility.

Inside The Beast

The exterior might give off tough vibe, but the inside is sheer luxury. Custom Katzkin Leather Seats ensure your comfort during those long offroad adventures.

The Roar of the Beast

Last, but definitely not least, the Magnaflow Performance exhaust system ensures this Jeep doesn't just look the part but sounds it too. A roar that announces its arrival long before it's seen.

Our project with Suburban CDJR of Farmington Hills has been a journey of passion, expertise, and meticulous craftsmanship. As a Michigan-based offroad shop, we're proud to put forward a vehicle that not only represents our skills but also the spirit of adventure and exploration that our state embodies.

If you're in Michigan or anywhere in the world and you've got a passion for the offroad, come take a look at this beast. Who knows? The next adventure might just be waiting for you behind the wheel of this

Hydro-Blue High-tide Wrangler.

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