Why You NEED to Consider Upgraded Trackbars & Control Arms!

A malfunctioning ball joint or control arm bushing might show itself in a variety of ways. When you turn the steering wheel, you may hear a clicking, popping, or cracking sound, which will gradually transform into a squeaking sound at the conclusion of a stop, when you use the gas pedal, and/or when you turn the steering wheel.

Core4x4 Trackbar
Excessively worn ball joints, bushings, or a combination of these can cause a shift in the vehicle’s steering alignment, causing the steering to pull to the left or right when driving. To keep the vehicle straight, the driver will have to make regular corrections. Be sure to get this checked right away to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

The track bars are the only item that keeps your axles from shifting side to side in a coil spring suspension. Your Jeep will track straight down the road if all axles are in proper alignment. The duty of the track bar is to control left and right movement, the first thing you should look for if you’ve experienced the infamous “death wobble” is loose track bar bolts (axle moving violently from left to right).

At MPA Motorsports & Off-road. We offer a variety of Inspection services & alignment options to get your vehicle tracking correctly!

Are you ready to upgrade your Trackbar & Control Arms?

Core4x4Fab Controls Arms & Adjustable Trackbars installed on this 1999 Jeep Wrangler

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