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MPA Motorsports & Offroad Provides Lift Kit Installation In Farmington Hills, MI

Have you seen those lifted Trucks, Jeep®, or SUV’s rolling down the road with beefy tires and towering over you? Those Guys/Gals are all lifted & ready to take on any terrain possible.
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Heres the Kicker, you don’t have to take your vehicle offroading to lift it or put on rugged tough-looking tires. Whether you are just an automotive enthusiast or just want to be “that guy” in traffic towering over everyone getting their attention. Our specialists at MPA Motorsports & Offroad are here to help you reach those new heights!

Choosing your Lift Kit from MPA Motorsports & Offroad is simple

At MPA Motorsports & Offroad, we work closely with Rough Country, Readylift, Rugged Lift, Extreme Terrian, American Trucks, and numerous other leading brands. We can provide any type of lift kit installation depending on the vehicle, how high you want to go or what size tires you desire.

Regardless of which lift kit you decide fits your personality the best, the satisfaction will always be the same. MPA Motorsports & Offroad can guarantee you a quality lift kit while guiding you through any questions you may have about the Kit. Are you ready to reach new heights? Talk to our professional staff today!

We can offer you any Lift Kit & have it installed professionally here at our shop in Farmington Hills, Mi.

Body Lifts or Leveling Kits

MPA Motorsports & Offroad can offer you the Best Body Lift Kits in Michigan or the Best Leveling Kits in Michigan.

Not big into the massive suspension lifts or have no desire to go offroading? Just want to bring the body level with each other? Leveling Kit installation will fit your needs!

A Leveling Kit will give you that enhanced look over your stock OEM look, giving you slightly more road clearance and allowing for a slight increase in tire size.

FULL Suspension Lift Kits

MPA Motorsports & Offroad can offer you a full overhaul of your suspension components with a Full Suspension Lift Kit right here in Michigan. This requires replacing strut assemblies, Coilover systems, torsion bar keys, coil spring spacers, or even increasing the height of your leaf spring suspension. Interested in learning more about the type of Full Suspension Lift Kits we can offer you? Give us a call today (248)-471-3600.

The reason you’d want to consider a Full Suspension Lift Kit is the increase in performance & handling of the vehicle, so if your goal is to take your Truck, Jeep®, SUV to the trails or the Michigan Silver Lake Sand Dunes and have some fun without the worry of breaking something or getting stuck, a full suspension lift kit will be your desire.

Why You Should Consider MPA Motorsports & Offroad as your Michigan Lift Kit Installer?

MPA Motorsports & Offroad works closely with Numerous Trusted lift kit brands and are authorized Dealers/Installers of their products. We know their products the BEST. Besides knowing the Brands closely, We Specialize in Suspension in Michigan. Our Focus or “niche” is the offroad world. Numerous of Customers have Trusted us and have left with a smiling face with their new Lifted Vehicle. Don’t believe us? Check out our Reviews!

Let our professionals handle your Truck, Jeep®, SUV, or any 4×4 Vehicle with a lift kit installation. Call MPA Motorsports & Offroad today at (248)-471-3600 to get a quote & schedule an appointment of your installation.


2022 Ford Maverick – Customer Spotlight

 2022 Ford Maverick – Customer Spotlight

That’s right we Lifted a MAVERICK!

The Maverick received a 2″ Spacer Lift Kit From
This Kit utilizes a 2″ Strut Spacer made from a 1/4″ laser Cut Steel Plate. Integrated with 8.8 weather-resistant hardware, and stainless steel flange nuts for the Front. The Rear Lift is a 1 1/4″ steel metal coil spacer combined with a 1″ subframe drop spacer, and trailing arm spacers to maintain that perfect factory geometry. works with Steel-It™ to coat all of their products with polyurethane and add a layer of protective coating. All of these parts are made here in the USA.

Ford Ranger Lifts has Tested Numerous Tire Sizes and has Some Recommendations:
Max Tire Sizes with Minor Trimming Involved
The Trimming of the Pinch Weld on the Firewall and Minor Trimming of Plastic will be required to run anything bigger than 245/65/17 or 245/60/18

For Our Customer, we Choose 245/65/17 on some good-looking BF-Goodrich K02’s since he did not want to do any trimming to his Maverick.
He was also wanting Black Steel Wheels to go with the setup, We Recommended a 17×7 with a +52mm offset to fulfill his vision.

All in All the Maverick is a solid Truck that is fairly priced in the world of Trucks. This is a great entry-level Truck & an even better entry-level lift kit.
If you are looking to lift your Maverick feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment with us, let the professionals handle the work!

Why Choose MPA Motorsports & Offroad For Your Lift Kit or Leveling Kit Install?

MPA Motorsports & Off-Road is your one-stop solution to your custom ride needs. We service Trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, and Performance Vehicles. We make sure all of our customers are well taken care of. Honesty. Satisfaction. Quality.

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