Teraflex Install on Jeep Wrangler

Teraflex Lift Kit installation

MPA Motorsports Specialize in any Lift Kit you could think of! In the video above watch us tackle a 3″ Teraflex Lift Kit install! The customer was extremely happy with the results and the turnaround time of the install!

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MPA Motorsports & Offroad
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We are your lift kit specialists in Farmington Hills, Michigan If you want to give your ride a unique look, a lift kit can do the job.

We are located just off Grand River at 24495 Hathaway St. Farmington Hills Mi, 48335 — (248)-471-3600 call us when you want to:

  • Add more ground clearance
  • Enjoy new terrains
  • Improve the ride quality of your vehicle

If you’re not sure what type of kit you’re looking for, that’s ok. We can walk you through the measurement and help you find the perfect lift kit for your ride.

You see them on the road all the time. Trucks, Jeeps and many SUVs  towering above other vehicles and sporting a set of huge, rugged tires that  look like they could take on any terrain.

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or you simply like the aggressive  look of a lifted vehicle, our lift kit installation specialists at MPA Motorsports & Offroad are here to take your truck or SUV to the next level.


Why Hire a Local Professional To Install Your Lift Kit?

In a world with YouTube and Google at our fingertips, installing a lift kit  may sound like a simple job, but any mistake could potentially cost you  thousands of dollars in damage or jeopardize road safety. This is  especially true with full suspension lift kits since you are replacing factory  parts and altering the position of steering and suspension components.

Our professional mechanics at MPA Motorsports & Offroad will make sure your lift kit  is installed correctly and inspect the wheel alignment, steering, brakes and  shocks to make sure everything is functioning properly, and most  importantly, safe to take on the road.